Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review: American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld

From the back of the book –

            “A kind, bookish only child born in the 1940s, Alice Lindgren has no idea that she will one day end up in the White House, married to the president. In her small Wisconsin hometown she learns the virtues of politeness, but a tragic accident when she is seventeen shatters her identity and changes the trajectory of her life. More than a decade later, when the charismatic son of a powerful Republican family sweeps her off her feet, she is surprised to find herself admitted into a world of privilege. And when her husband unexpectedly becomes governor and then president, she discovers that she is married to a man she both loves and fundamentally disagrees with-and that her private beliefs increasingly run against her public persona. As her husband’s presidency enters its second term, Alice must confront contradictions years in the making and ace questions nearly impossible to answer.”

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with “House of Cards,” a Netflix original series.  Even though I didn’t love politics growing up, I’ve recently taken a liking to the stories of the people behind those “power positions”. This book isn’t about the politics at all; it’s about the families, the struggles and the triumphs, and the emotions that go into every decision.  If you’ve never been able to relate to the First Lady (or the President, for those guys out there), this is the perfect book for you.  Following Alice through her transition into being a teenager, then young adult, then married woman with a husband who wants to leave a particular legacy, helps us understand that there are real people in office, and they struggle with the decisions they make just as much as we struggle with ours.

This one is definitely going on my list of books to recommend to other people! There aren’t many books that I will recommend based purely on memory alone, but American Wife is one of them. 

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